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HR directors are ultimately responsible for all Human Resources activities within a business. Often, this will include working across various sites to ensure that all company strategies, policies and procedures are being implemented correctly and effectively, and ensuring that the company is legally compliant with all HR related legislation.

The position of HR director is one of enormous responsibility and authority within the business, as directors will ultimately answer directly to the CEO of the business on all HR related matters – which is why it makes sense to trust your next HR Director jobs with one of the UK’s leading HR Recruitment Agencies, like JGA Recruitment

What do the HR director jobs we place do?

In smaller companies, we have placed HR directors who have taken on many of the tasks normally undertaken by HR managers, whereas in larger companies the HR directors have been responsible for the overall strategy and budgeting of the HR department.

As the most senior Human Resources position within a business,  HR director jobs will normally involve being solely responsible for the successes and failings of the HR department over any given period of time at the shareholder level.

The HR director is usually the most senior HR position within a company, and direct reports are likely to be the company’s HR managers, HR advisors, generalists, clerical assistants and consultants.

HR Directors are responsible for ensuring that overall strategic overviews and budgetary requirements are communicated and implemented by the HR team at large.

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