Pay Governance and the Good Work Plan with Helen Kaye & Chris Robson #037

Payroll Governance and the Good Work PlanToday I am excited to be joined by not one, but two leading authorities in the world of pay governance and payroll!

Nick Day is joined on The Payroll Podcast sofa by Helen Kaye and  Christopher Robson from Deloitte

Helen Kaye is a Partner at Deloitte providing employment advice to clients and who leads Deloitte’s Global Employment Services practice across the regions.  Helen also leads the Deloitte national team responsible for providing payroll advisory services to clients including strategy advice, payroll reviews, payroll implementations and vendor selection.  Prior to Deloitte, Helen also spent 11 years with HMRC!

Meanwhile,  Chris Robson is Deloitte’s Pay Governance specialist having spent many years advising clients on areas such as The Good Work Plan, National Minimum Wage, Holiday Pay, Gender Pay Gap reporting, Pensions Auto Enrolment.  Chris’ sad fact is that he is probably the person who has spent the longest time supporting employers with their National Minimum Wage compliance and supporting employers through HMRC enquiries in the UK.

Both Helen and Chris are pay governance experts, and we all know that pay governance is a consistently hot topic so get your notebooks and pens at the ready as we are going to dive deep into issues including the Government’s Good Work Plan, Holiday Pay rights and wider worker rights, the Single Enforcement Body consultation, and more!

In this “Pay Governance and the Good Work Plan with Helen Kaye & Chris Robson” episode of The Payroll Podcast, we also explore:

  1. What the “good work plan” is and how did it come about?
  2. What does the Single Enforcement Body consultation suggest may be in store for employers?
  3. Will holiday pay enforcement be brought under the remit of this potential new Government body?
  4. What are the implications of all this change around holiday pay for employers and people within payroll and HR?
  5. Could the Good Work Plan change following Brexit?
  6. What will be the biggest payroll challenges ahead?
  7. What’s are the common myths often hears in the workplace in relation to payroll and can Chris and Helen debunk them?
  8. Within the Deloitte consultancy practice, what trends are the payroll advisory practice experiencing and seeing at present?
  9. What will payroll look like in 2025?

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Links highlighted in this Pay Governance and the Good Work Plan episode are below:

    1. Deloitte Website:
    2. Helen’s LinkedIn Profile: Helen (Dyer) Kaye
    3. Chris’ LinkedIn Profile: Christopher Robson
    4. Contact Helen Kaye: [email protected] / 07767 406 375
    5. Contact Chris Robson: [email protected] / 07730 146 435
    6. To find out more about Deloitte:
    7. How does Robotic Process Automation work? – YouTube Deloitte Video:
    8. To find out more about JGA Payroll Recruitment Services, please visit:
    9. To contact the host, Nick Day, please email: [email protected] / 01727 800 377

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