Employee engagement strategy presents challenges

Nearly half of HR professionals in the UK are failing to put an employee engagement strategy in place, despite naming it as one of their highest priorities a survey suggests.

The research from Youforce found that while 79% of respondents felt employee engagement was a high priority just 41% had a strategy in place.

Lee Grant, VP International at Youforce, said: “Our research shows that employee engagement is the current big challenge for HR professionals as it is linked in to so many areas of the HR function. While this is seen as the responsibility of HR, it is something that should be taken on by all employees.

“Creating the enabler for employee engagement is the hardest part of the process. Having the right HR systems and technology will provide the detailed insight into the workforce that will allow HR departments to develop an employee engagement strategy that will look after employees and help become more efficient.”

However, of those with a strategy only 30% said it improved employee performance and 13% claimed it improves employee retention.

The difficult economic climate has often meant radical changes for certain companies, meaning engagement has been left to line managers whilst HR directors tackle unexpected issues.

Nick Day, Managing Director of JGA Recruitment comments “Employee engagement is critical to every organisation and an effective employee engagement programme presents significant challenges. Their success is usually driven by the person responsible for it’s communication, implementation and maintenance – a talented and resourceful HR Director or Senior HR Professional with knowledge of sophisticated systems and how to roll out.”

Source www.askgrapevine.com