Dealing with Data Loss and establishing a ‘data exit’ strategy with Emily Curtin #90

Nick Day is joined on The HR L&D Podcast sofa by Emily Curtin, Chief Client Officer at Profusion, to discuss why it is essential that HR teams introduce a ‘data exit strategy’ to safeguard against the risks associated with data loss.

Let’s be honest; this risk has been exacerbated considerably by the ‘Great Resignation’.

With widespread remote working and the highest-ever levels of employee turnover experienced by companies worldwide, the reality is that businesses are now at a greater risk than ever of losing valuable, sometimes mission-critical data.

HR teams can help stop this by introducing a data loss focus as part of the formalised exit interview process.

Today, Emily Curtin from Profusion will be providing us all with the simple steps HR teams can take to ensure that their data does not go with them when employees leave!

In this “Dealing with Data Loss and establishing a ‘data exit’ strategy” episode with Emily Curtin on The HR L&D Podcast, questions asked include:

  1. What do the words Human Resources mean to you?
  2. What is data loss?
  3. What is the risk?
  4. Why is it becoming such a big issue?
  5. What can HR teams do to try and help mitigate this risk?
  6. Any other advice on the data loss issue?
  7. How can we identify who is at risk of leaving?
  8. How can companies take a more initiative-taking approach to retention and engagement to mitigate the risks of someone leaving?
  9. Can you recap any contractual obligations a company may want to consider when protecting against data loss?
  10. If an HR leader is listening to this now and wanted to leave the audio with a plan of attack to improve the risks associated with data loss, what would you recommend would be the first steps they take?

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