Contingent Workers Impacted by Covid-19

Kate Upcraft has kindly collated the following detailed information from the Cabinet Office

(She only wishes she had information like this from HMRC!) in respect to off-Payroll workers being included in the job retention scheme which was not what we had thought would be the case, although it isn’t clear if they can be subject to reclaim as the will be funding dependent.

The paperwork is attached – download it here: PPN02_20-Contingent-Workers-Impacted-by-Covid-19-2.pdf (492 downloads)

If you don’t know who they are: low income – tax reform group, they’re a branch of the CIOT and I do quite a lot of work with them on the interaction between RTI and universal credit

I have missed any updates as you’ve only been recently added to the circulation list you can find a comprehensive central collation of COVID-19 resources on my website

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