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Payroll recruitment from JGA Recruitment, the UK’s leading agency.

We assist clients across all sectors and of all sizes throughout the UK.


  • EMEA, APAC & Global International Payroll Specialists, Managers and Directors
  • UK Payroll Directors, Payroll Managers and Payroll Supervisors and Payroll Administrators
  • Technical Payroll & HR Implementation Consultant and Project Managers
  • Payroll Sales Professionals
  • Payroll Analytics and RPA professionals


  • Created brand new, industry leading Payroll Recruitment business
  • We developed the UK’s first 7-Point Payroll Recruitment System, helping our clients to access the top 15% of payroll talent
  • We are long-standing business partners who have remained part of very prestigious Preferred Supplier Lists for many years
  • Our team possess combined knowledge of over 100 years Payroll recruitment expertise allowing us to provide an expert payroll recruitment service to clients and candidates alike.
  • Members of REC, we strive to impress our clients and candidates with an efficient, time-sensitive and expert Payroll recruitment experience.



  • Poor quality payroll service from PSL suppliers due to a lack of payroll knowledge
  • CV’s fall short of expectations wasting your time, patience and energy
  • Reliance on outdated payroll recruitment CV factories resulting in duplicate poor quality applications
  • Poor ROI due to poor retention
  • Can’t attract or locate the top payroll talent


  • To reach the elusive top 15% of payroll talent, you need to adopt a more strategic ‘human’ approach. JGA Recruitment has developed an innovative 7 Point Payroll Recruitment System for leaders like you which does just that:
  • We utilise inbound 24/7/365 candidate attraction methods allowing us to access the top 15% of passive payroll talent for your business.
  • Our 7-Point System combined with our expert payroll industry knowledge gives us the ability to contact 96% of all payroll candidates working in the UK payroll industry providing you with new candidates never seen before.
  • 100+ Years Payroll consultant knowledge combined with the latest payroll testing competency assessments provides clients with only the best payroll talent (top 15%).
  • Derisk your recruitment process by accessing candidates who are motivated by the intrinsic value of the job – not just by pay
  • Get shortlists aligned to your culture and engage only the best payroll talent while simultaneously regaining control and maximising your ROI

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When I was contacted by Steve from JGA I didn't have a job so when I was offered a 12 month contract I thought why not, I can still apply for jobs but I didn't even try. Steve and Ros ensured I was looked after well and paid on time. This was all done in a friendly but professional manner. When the 12 months were over I was quite sorry to leave to go to my permanent job. No regrets whatsoever! Thanks to you both. Sue Wilkinson Sheffieldread more
Sue Wilkinson
Sue Wilkinson
14:58 18 Aug 17
James Gray are one of the best recruitment agencies I have ever worked with. I've had the experience of working two consultants there, Steve Yardley and Paul Dargarvel. Both consultants were able to understand my capabilities and only send me role which suited my development. You always feel like they are really looking out for your best interest instead of looking at you with pound signs in their eyes. I wish I could recommend James Gray and these consultants more.read more
N Carty
N Carty
06:39 23 Aug 17
A really positive experience with the team at JGA. When I had some doubts about accepting the role there was no hard pressure sale to get me to accept to ensure their commission. They were really thoughtful and considerate and were more concerned that I took a job that I was likely to stay in rather then take the job and then leave later. The good news is I did take the job and I'm very happy that I did.read more
09:40 29 Aug 17
I couldn't recommend JGA enough. Having worked for a professional services firm I received plenty of calls, e-mails and LinkedIn messages from recruiters who were trying to encourage me to move to an equivalent firm in an equivalent role. I regularly felt that they were just trying to move me to earn commission, rather than listening to the reasons why I wanted to move or the type of role I was looking for. I worked with Nick Day and Steve Yardley at JGA and felt that firstly they understood what it was I did at my previous employer and secondly what it was I was looking for in terms of next steps. I also understand that they went the extra mile with my new employer to set up an interview as I wasn't a natural fit for the role, which is greatly appreciated.read more
Richard Cooke
Richard Cooke
14:39 21 Sep 17
I've had the pleasure of working with JGA with the last 15 years and have no issue recommending them. JGA go the extra mile in relation to the customer service and passion for the industry and their professionalism and accumen ensure that prospective applicants are thoroughly reviewed to ensure only those who fit the bill attend. Their communication during the process is excellent and their attention to detail thorough.read more
Richard George
Richard George
12:41 21 Aug 17
I am very happy to have worked with Matthew to secure my new position. He was honest, polite and proactive from receiving my application up until he called me with an offer. He called me before and after each interview and showed real interest and concern in my progress with the application. He was very positive and easy to talk, he even said I could call him at the weekend should I have any issues before starting my job. I definitely recommend him and the JGA team. Thank you!! Inaread more
Ina Doroftei
Ina Doroftei
21:35 22 Oct 17
I would like to send my gratitude to Matthew for his support in finding the perfect job. Thanks to him I found a job in Payroll even though I had no experience (just finished a Sage 50 course 2 weeks back). Even after I got the job he called me to ask how am I doing and sent me a Congratulation Basket at my work place (It was very thoughtful and nice of him). If I intend to change jobs in the future, I will definitely call JBA Recruitment. Thank you for all your help!read more
adela liliana Vilsan
adela liliana Vilsan
10:56 06 Oct 17