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Another mega day of announcements

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HMRC made a policy announcement to the EPG last night, who are their main consultation group for payroll matters in case you weren’t aware. I am told that this is not confidential as no mention has been made of that in their communication. The question it was addressing was those people who had a start date in February but were not reported until the March FPS, even though the CJRS guidance on both occasions simply said ‘being on payroll on the 28th February’. Apparently HMRC’s view of that means being reported in February. This is a major difference in understanding for businesses of all sizes who have made decisions on the basis of the inclusion of everybody who had a start date on, or before, the 28th February but who now appear to find that some of their February starters may not be included in the reclaim scheme. I know that the members of the EPG who are members of ICAEW and CIOT have expressed their concern about this policy change, we will have to see where this goes and we know no more at this time.

Some of you will also have seen the announcement that the reclaim portal has gone into test today and will be open on the 20th April. It will require a PAYE online account and can, we think, only be used by agents who have 64-8 authority to access a client’s account if they have one. I have attached the email announcement which also indicates that we will need a national insurance number for every person on the claim which is also not with what was in the guidance as it talked about a bulk claim. Of course, we expected to have detailed evidence to justify the claim but a) not everybody has a national insurance number perfectly validly as you don’t need one to be on payroll and b) are we going to be able to upload CSV files or the like where you have got thousands and thousands of employees who are part of the claim?

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