Change Has Nothing To Do With January 1st

As the owner of a growing business, I have to keep a watchful eye on events in my industry, in the market and on business life in general.

It always amuses me every year when hundreds of industry commentators come out of the woodwork, metaphorically turn over a “new page” and tell us how this year will be different to last year. Given the nature of change, this never comes as a surprise, and some of their predictions are fascinating, but I don’t quite agree with the timing of this information overload.

Why do we primarily analyse what we need to change at the start of a year? Shouldn’t we be making incremental changes to our activity all the time?

Maybe the secret lies in our inner desire to “compartmentalise” our lives into certain periods of the year (or the week). The summer is for the beach, Christmas is for annoying long-lost relatives, January is for job searching and naval gazing and Fridays are for winding down in the afternoon.

Some of these assumptions are holding you back.

December was one of our busiest months as recruiters in 2015, although there is no denying that January will be mega busy. Your chances of finding a role in December may well have been better than now because your voice would have been heard above the crowd. Now, the world and his wife want a new job. Of course, we will do our best to assist!

I find that the summer is a great time for bedding in different business strategies and starting to work with new business partners. Yes, it tends to be a little bit quieter, but this gives time for reflection, and if you don’t use that time wisely, the summer is over before you know it.

As for the January contemplations, well, I stand in the shower every morning thinking about how grateful I am for my life (but, at the same time thinking about how I could do things a little differently). No one stops being interested in improving their life just because January has passed. You don’t miss out on the opportunity to change your life just because your “resolutions” weren’t quite firm enough on January 1st.

I promised myself something on New Year’s Eve:
“I will give my resolutions every ounce of effort this year. If I try something, I will try it with all my being. I don’t know when they will come, I don’t know what life may hold in store, but whenever a certain idea appears, I will approach it to the best of my ability – Life is about stories and I intend on creating new ones every day”

It tends to happen that our dreams reside in a constant state of flux – the great big melting pot of life will alter and change them. What I do know, however, is that they don’t suddenly become fixed on January 1st. When you are aware of your dreams and open to the changes that life may introduce, you can make it happen on any day of the year or any day of the week.

Write it down, commit to it, and you have every chance.