Cash and Crypto Payroll Services: Benefits & Risks with Megan Knab #119

Nick Day is joined on The Payroll Podcast by Megan Knab, Co-Founder & CEO of Franklin, a tax-compliant hybrid cash & crypto payroll service that helps enable clients to pay their employees in cash & crypto!

With a background in accounting and product management, Megan has held leadership positions at Web3-native firms since 2016. She is a Crypto Accountant with experience working with the likes of ConsenSys, DriveWealth, and most recently, Serotonin, a Web3 marketing firm and product studio, where Megan served as VP of Finance.

Franklin believes they have the solution for helping clients with employees who want to inject crypto into their payrolls. With the burden of administering payroll, especially in crypto, particularly complex and, for many, still relatively new even as a concept, Nick was keen to invite Megan onto The Payroll Podcast to learn more…

In this “Cash and Crypto Payroll Services: Benefits & Risks” episode with Megan Knab on The Payroll Podcast, we also explore:

  1. What does the word payroll mean to you?
  2. What are cryptocurrencies, and why are they important in the payroll industry?
  3. How can blockchain help the payroll industry?
  4. How will tax compliance change in the next five years concerning digital assets?
  5. What concerns/benefits do clients have regarding paying people in crypto?
  6. How does automated tax reporting in crypto work?
  7. The markets fluctuate frequently, so how can payroll manage these changes?
  8. Can customers integrate their payments and payroll runs with software?
  9. Why is self-custody recommended for crypto?
  10. What do you see influencing the broader acceptance of crypto?

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