Building a Payroll FutureThis “Building a Better Payroll Future” episode of The Payroll Podcast is with Senior Payroll Manager from Saffery Champness, Katie Sharpe.

Build a better, brighter payroll Future.  Katie is a Senior Payroll Manager who is not afraid to speak out about the injustices and pressures that payroll departments are under and she openly promotes positive change to make the world of payroll a better environment to work in so what better place to do that than on the Payroll Podcast!  Katie is not only passionate but also witty and this combination (I hope you will agree) has resulted in a brilliant and engaging episode that you won’t want to miss!

The hashtag #PayrollHumour has been a common theme found tagged in the majority of Katie’s posts on LinkedIn but behind her comedic skills, we discover exceptional payroll talents and passion that have propelled Katie to speak out and challenge the issues that payroll professionals face in order to build a better future for the industry.

To give you some context to Katie’s experience, she started in payroll with Northgate in 2008 and has since held payroll managerial positions with Top Right Group and Bauer Media and right now she is Senior Manager for Payroll Services with leading accountancy firm Saffery Champness.  Katie has a wealth of skills across payroll including Gender Pay Gap Reporting and Analysis, Payroll Legislation, Tax, Staff Management, and Process Improvement so without further ado, as I am super-excited to have you here so welcome Katie to the Payroll Podcast!

In this “Building a Better Payroll Future” episode of the Payroll Podcast, we discover:

  1. More about Katie’s Government Petition around Payroll Regulations to protect the industry
  2. Katie’s views on independent ministerial governance for payroll
  3. Gender Pay Gap Reporting – is it really a “monumental step towards true gender equality for women in the workplace”?
  4. Why does Katie believe businesses are struggling so much to recruit and attract Gen-Z (that’s those born between 1996 – 2010) into the payroll profession?
  5. How much does the image of the payroll profession differ from reality?
  6. How do we go about building a better payroll future?
  7. Katie’s views on the future of payroll and her predictions for the industry over the next 12-18 months
  8. Learn what Katie thinks needs to be done to raise the profile of the industry?
  9. Discover Katie’s advice to anyone considering a career in payroll?

Together, Let’s build a better payroll future!

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