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HR L&D “When we Laugh we Learn” with Celia Delaney – #004

Today I am joined on the L&D Podcast, by Celia Delaney – a keynote speaker and comedian who boasts a brilliant track record in both HR Management and L&D but who offers a totally new approach to Learning.  Celia has developed an online course called iPersuade which is focused on the principle that “When you Laugh you Learn”

Roboticising Global Payroll with Martin Stockton – #019

In this “Roboticising Global Payroll” episode of the Payroll Podcast, we learn about how payroll leaders can embrace robotics for payroll, where to start, what to consider; and why it may pay to stay ahead of the payroll transformational change curve.  Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence-related solutions are coming – are you ready?

GPMI and the future of Global Payroll with Mary Holland and Doug Wolf – #018

This episode of the Payroll Podcast which is all about Global Payroll, future technologies, global payroll qualifications, global payroll legislation and how all of these issues may affect the global payroll industry.  Passionate about raising the profile of the global payroll industry, I sit down with two global payroll industry leaders, Mary Holland, CPP and Doug Wolf from the  Global Payroll Management Institute (GPMI) to discuss everything from global payroll training, compliance and legislation to effective strategic positioning for payroll professionals.

Holistic Learning with Open Source Technology for L&D with Lars Hyland – #003

Holistic Learning with Open Source Technology for L&D and HR Professionals”.  In this episode of the HR L&D Podcast, we sit down with Lars Hyland – Chief Learning Officer at Totara Learning to explore his deep knowledge of learning technology in all its forms to learn more about how L&D Professionals can harness this technology to deliver effective and engaging learning experiences, both in the workplace and in education.

A Human First Approach to Payroll & HR – with Helen Patterson #017

Helen Patterson is a Workplace Expert with an in-depth knowledge of employer culture, brand and program strategy who has previously held senior Payroll positions responsible for building client and user-friendly Payroll & HR tools.  She believes every employee has the right to feel valued, which is why she developed her #HumanFirst mantra.  Since then, Helen has delivered talks to captive audiences at DisruptHR, the CPA (Canadian Payroll Association) and HRPA annual conferences on how organizations can create high-performance, people-focused workplaces.

Payroll Consultancy and Project Management for Transformation – with Rebecca Mullins – #016

We discover how Rebecca Mullins, a highly experienced payroll consultancy and project management professional and Associate Director of the Payroll Advisory Practice at Deloitte, has utilised and gathered her wealth of payroll expertise in fields ranging from global Payroll, payroll transformation, project management, payroll strategy, payroll models, payroll applications and payroll vendors to deliver effective business transformations for clients.  We also discuss the future of the payroll industry with specific focus on AI (Artificial Intelligence, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Chatbots!

Talent Management & the Power of Conversations with Hesketh Emden – #002

In this episode “Talent Management & the Power of Conversations” of the HR L&D Podcast, I sit down with Hesketh Emden – a multi-award-winning talent management professional to discuss his experience in developing employee cultures, his passion for promoting and training the power of conversations and of course, to understand more about his learning and development design and strategy implementation expertise.

Strategic Payroll and Learning for Success with Ros Hendren – 015

Strategic Payroll and Learning for Success is the feature of this episode of The Payroll Podcast, with special guest, Ros Hendren who is is a highly experienced Payroll and HR Professional Manager who possesses over 30 years business and management expertise.  Ros is currently a CIPP non-executive Board Director which is why I was so excited to speak with her about her experience as a tutor, mentor, leader and innovator within the payroll industry.  Ros is hugely passionate about the payroll industry, upskilling the profession, compliance and strategy and these are all elements that we delve into in order to provide you with a platform of career-develo0pment strategies that may help you develop your own career.

“Fiscal Phil” Budget Special – with Helen Hargreaves – 014

A “Fiscal Phil” Budget Special Episode of The Payroll Podcast, recorded just 24 hours following the budget speech delivered by Philip Hammond on 29th October 2018 with Helen Hargreaves, Associate Director of Policy at the CIPP.  We sit down to discuss the key points from the 106-page budget document that will affect payroll and tax and we take a deep dive into all of the announcements made and summarise them for you to digest audibly at your payroll leisure!