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Ways to Position Yourself as a Great Remote Candidate

Remote work isn’t a new concept. People in all kinds of professions have been doing it for an extensive period of time. However, with the ongoing state of the Coronavirus pandemic in the US, most companies are looking at hiring remote candidates since business operations have largely moved online. Upwork’s Future Workforce Report, which explored […]

Keep Hiring with Specialist Video Technology

Keep Hiring with Specialist Video Tech In the current climate, with businesses closed across the country and face-to-face interviews no longer taking place, more and more people are turning to video technology to maintain momentum with their hiring plans. And quite right too! History has proven time and time again that businesses that adapt to […]

The future of payroll

The Future of Payroll 2020 will be the year of technological transformation for the payroll industry. Trends will centre on automation, pay-on-demand and transparency as businesses focus on the employee experience, efficiency and growth. Advancements in technology, particularly those associated with robotic process automation, have left many payroll professionals worried about their futures. Will technology […]

Are payroll systems sold meeting expectations?

In the payroll industry, there are hundreds of payroll systems and services that companies can choose that enable them to carry out payroll operations more efficiently and effectively. Compared to manual processes, a payroll system will usually speed up payroll processes tremendously, and help to reduce human error. In theory, payroll systems allow more significant […]

Is the future of digital marketing a virtual one?

The Experience Economy The term “experience economy” was first coined by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore who used it in an article describing it as the “next economy to follow the service economy” back in 1998. The idea is that businesses engineer memorable events for its consumers so that the memory of the experience itself becomes the […]