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#PassionForPayroll and creating effective Global Payroll Control Frameworks – with Max van der Klis-Busink – #08

In this exciting episode of the payroll podcast, we talk with GPMI 2018 Payroll Global Vision Award winner, Max van der Klis-Busink, International Payroll Manager at Royal Dutch Shell about his  #PassionforPayroll and his journey developing one of the first ever Global Payroll Control Frameworks.   Max talks us through the practical steps you can take to construct your own control framework in a process that engages HR and Finance to build the credibility of your payroll operation. In addition, we learn  why to pays to be passionate about payroll and the steps you can implement immediately if you aspire to elevate your payroll career to the next level.  We’ve taken the best of HR, finance, legal, technology, IT into one function called Payroll.” – Max van der Klis-Busink

Payroll Entrepreneurship and Payroll API with Stuart Hall – #06

Learn the key skills required to successfully launch your own payroll business.  Discover the pitfalls and practical steps payroll professionals can implement right away to ensure entrepreneurial payroll success.  Develop your knowledge in relation to payroll API Software and understand how this new technology may impact payroll departments of the future.

The Challenges & Complexities of Implementing new Global Payrolls

Challenging Considerations: Global payroll can be extremely challenging and incredibly complex. Understanding these challenges and complexities is both essential and necessary.  This is because different countries have varied, unique legislation on matters that impact payroll, such as tax which differs entirely from country to country.  There are also factors such as multiple currencies to consider, as […]

Wellness and Working Well by becoming “Super-Human” – with Hari Kalymnios. #04

The way we’re working isn’t working.

As our lives get busier and busier, boundaries between work and leisure blur and we spend less time thinking about what we’re putting our bodies through. If you work in payroll or HR, you are probably reading this and thinking “that’s me”!  Hari teaches listeners on the Payroll Podcast how they can “unlock your inner superhuman” to become the best payroller, HR leader, entrepreneur, employee, parent or friend that you can be. To do this Hari shows you practical steps you can implement right not to improve your wellness.

Changing your thinking is the first step towards any change – especially if you want to achieve high performance.

The growth in Mobile payroll payments and self-service portals

The use of mobile payroll payment gateways and self-service portals are growing in the payroll industry. Despite this growth, many businesses are yet to embrace the opportunities that these types of systems provide. Payroll Lab argues that this can be down to data confidentiality concerns, in addition to the tremendously large processing requirements that payroll […]

How is the digital age affecting payroll?

The digital age is transforming all businesses, without exception. Payroll is no different and like other back-office functions has naturally been impacted by the digital age. There have been many changes to payroll – some of which that have crept in overtime and some that hit with a big bang. All have been affecting how payroll […]

7 Payroll Skills to Progress your Payroll Career

  Payroll is a competitive field, and taking steps to progress your career can be highly beneficial. With a higher level of skill or experience, you can stand out from the crowd and show recruiters that you have that little bit extra to offer. Here are 7 Payroll skills /tips you might want to consider […]

Why the HR and Payroll Relationship is More Important that you think

People often claim Payroll should be part of a Finance function rather than an HR function. Payroll professionals process and calculate payments so it must be part of finance, right? Additionally, Payroll departments are also responsible for paying bonuses, dealing with changes in taxation legislation as well as a host of other important financial tasks. These […]

Master Your Stakeholders in 8 Simple Steps

A stakeholder is someone, or a group, that has an interest or concern in something. Managing stakeholders can be tricky. Stakeholders include different business partners, employees, senior management (the board), shareholders, the public, and lobby groups among others. There are stakeholders in most business activities and projects, and the interest each has can be very […]