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How will Payroll Handle Auto Enrolment volumes ’17/18

The laws have changed. Pensions Auto-enrolment is a necessity now, and employers need to be prepared. Auto-enrolment is here. Payroll providers and companies have been feeling the strain of the implementation during this last year, and now that the larger employers are enrolled, it is time to implement the legislation into the 1million plus smaller […]

How to tackle workplace mental health issues in 2017

I am often told by my elders that 50 years ago you never heard of problems such as ADHD, bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression. Today, I can guarantee that most people know someone who suffers from a mental health problem. Having a son with low functioning autism and dyspraxia has meant that my family must […]

The Four Listening Rules That We Don’t Heed Enough

Everyone assumes that listening is a passive process. Information enters in the form of words through our ears, gets processed by our brains and comes out the other end as actions. However, we all know people where this information seems to go “in one ear and out of the other” – the input doesn’t correspond […]

9 Key Characteristics Of Good Leadership

Good teamwork can make anything possible Being able to motivate, and bring a team of employees with you; to act as one behind a particular cause and support your vision is one of the most valuable skills any manager can possess. In short, it is probably the most important quality which any company looks for […]

Does Employer Branding Return Your Investment?

Employer Branding importance is a relatively new concept, but many companies are undertaking strategies to improve it due to the vast benefits associated with good branding. Today many companies are implementing an employer branding program. They want to be seen and recognised as an employer of choice. They want to be viewed as a great […]

RTI Implementation Costly for HMRC

HMRC says it has abandoned attempts to collect the money because it was so stretched and it wanted to keep workloads manageable. This follows concern highlighted by the National Audit Office (NAO) which said it feared RTI was placing too much pressure on the department.

Businesses chose to outsource payroll

Everyone in business wants to reduce their overheads and this will include staff costs. Payroll functions are just one of the areas where a company can still perform this necessary service but also reduce its costs by outsourcing the work. Popularity Outsourcing is the new buzzword; the growth of the Internet and developments in telephony […]

JGA Shortlisted as Best Company To Work For

James Gray Associates (JGA) the UK’s fastest growing Payroll, HR and Reward recruitment consultancy have been shortlisted as “Best Company to Work for Award (up to 20 employees) at the prestigious REC Awards being held in London on Tuesday 3rd December 2013. Advancing the careers of Permanent, Contract and Interim Payroll, HR and Reward professionals […]