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Real Time Information – RTI is coming

Real Time Information Real Time Information (RTI) is the biggest change to PAYE since its inception more than 60 years ago and will affect all employers. RTI is being introduced by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to modernize the current PAYE system which updates individuals’ records retrospectively at year end when their employer submits an […]

RTI creates pressure for software providers & employers

HMRC announced that, until 05 October 2013, employers with fewer than 50 employees who will have difficulty meeting the ‘on or before’ reporting requirement can report at the time of their regular payrun, as long as this is before the end of the tax Month (i.e. the 5th). However, importantly, this only applies to employers […]

HMRC PCS Members Strike over Pay

HMRC staff who are members of the Public and Commercial Services walked out of their jobs yesterday as part of an ongoing discussion over their pay and employment terms. The walkout staged by HMRC and Valuation Office union members was intended to disrupt the start of the new tax year and the introduction of Real Time […]

Employee engagement strategy presents challenges

Nearly half of HR professionals in the UK are failing to put an employee engagement strategy in place, despite naming it as one of their highest priorities a survey suggests. The research from Youforce found that while 79% of respondents felt employee engagement was a high priority just 41% had a strategy in place. Lee […]

HMRC considers coding out limits increase

A consultation on increasing the size of PAYE underpayment, Self Assessment (SA) balancing payment or unpaid debt that the Revenue can recover in this way – known as coding out – will run until 5 September 2013. Currently, there is a limit of £3,000 for coding out, set in 2011, to strike a balance between […]

Generation Z in The Workplace

The term Generation Z, or Gen-Z, is one of many that is used to refer to people born from about 1995 onwards. The children of both Baby Boomers and Millennials; they are beginning to make their workforce presence felt in the workplace. Like all generational cohorts, there are characteristics that distinguish Gen-Z’s from other generations. […]

Hidden ROI

Hidden ROI: Hiring the right talent results in better retention Return on investment is no always one-off concrete figure. Much of the benefits can come over a longer period of time, the better the investment, the longer the compounding of the return will continue. When we are considering the recruitment of an individual into a […]

How does a business measure recruitment success?

‘4 Recruitment Rights to Avoid a Left’ Strategy to achieving effective recruitment analytics. Those not directly involved in the world of recruitment and talent acquisition will often view it as a being a bit like a giant supermarket of people and jobs. Go to the right department and grab the job, match it with a […]

20 Essential Traits of a Successful Person

Who do you think of when you think of a successful person? Start thinking about successful people and you’ll quickly find that these individuals act differently and think differently. They have habits and behaviours that set them apart from less successful people. The good news is you can learn from the habits of others. Start […]