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Don’t Relax Until You’ve Crossed the Line

When you start a race, it is useful to visualise the path ahead, but this is never a perfect science. There is always an element of unpredictability, and you have to live on your wits until the very last stride. Many amateur athletes have a tendency to relax when the finish line comes into sight, […]

Payroll Will Always Need People

I have worked in the payroll industry for over 14 years. In recruitment, I get to work with payroll people who have a range of skills, dealing with ever more complex processes, getting to grips with ever-changing legislation and government interventions. During this time the systems I have seen used have changed considerably. Who, reading […]

Reviewing Auto Enrolment

Reviewing Auto Enrolment: AE now and AE in the future. The UK pensions industry has experienced a period of unprecedented reform following the implementation of Auto Enrolment but where is AE now and how do we foresee it in the future? So far it has been impressive in getting more people to save, and the […]

Eliminating the Gender Pay Gap and empowering all

On 6 April of 2017 new legislation covering gender pay gap reporting will come into force, with the law affecting roughly 11 million employees at around 8,000 businesses across the UK. This landmark legislation marks a significant step forward in empowering women and ensuring pay equality regardless of gender. The law was enacted to address […]

Will You Ride the Recruitment Waves of Change?

I have worked in recruitment for over 14 years now, and it has been an exciting ride watching technologies advance, methods change, expectations progress and businesses evolve as everyone tries to stay one wave ahead of the competition. What has been more interesting is the way businesses, like fashion, tend to follow a cyclical pattern […]

Marketing to a millennial

Marketing to a millennial audience and the effectiveness of personalisation To the Millennial, there has never been the world without the internet. Most won’t know how to cope without it and are unable to imagine using a book to find information when the internet has it just one click away. They grew up with technology […]