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Consumers Guide to Recruitment

Consumers Guide to Recruitment Your recruitment campaign should be a comprehensive plan detailing everything from who you are looking to recruit, when, where and how. As Richard Branson says ‘The most important part of any organisation are the employees’, and finding employees that are qualified, motivated and skilled can be a challenge if you don’t […]

Is digital transformation actually business transformation?

Digital transformation continues apace around us. There is hardly a day that goes by when you do not hear of a company undertaking a digital transformation of some sort. Companies are investing in new technology, setting up innovative campaigns and finding more efficient ways of doing things. There is no doubt that digital transformation is […]

7 Signs that you work in payroll and you’re working too hard!

Working hard is important. Indeed, as everyone who works in Payroll knows, working too hard is sometimes necessary, particularly around the busiest times of the year. Payroll deadlines can cause stress levels to rise and if a problem occurs and payments are incorrect, then the midnight oil starts to burn. Payroll is a critical function, […]

5 Strategies to build a successful digital marketing strategy

Most businesses now realise that a digital marketing strategy is at least of some use in helping attract customers and increase sales. Digital marketing strategies are those that encompass any type of marketing via digital means. This may include online, social media, mobile and search engine optimisation, among others. A good digital marketing strategy will […]

Change Has Nothing To Do With January 1st

As the owner of a growing business, I have to keep a watchful eye on events in my industry, in the market and on business life in general. It always amuses me every year when hundreds of industry commentators come out of the woodwork, metaphorically turn over a “new page” and tell us how this […]

Counteroffers Are Evil

Giving into temptation is one of the most unfortunate of human traits. We salivate at the thought of taking that forbidden apple – we know deep down that it is bad for us, but push those feelings to one side. It simply looks too tasty. Temptation is not only about physical treats, it is also […]

5 Reasons To Make Friends With Our Clients

With the boundaries of work and personal life increasingly blurring, it is understandable that you are on friendly terms with (most of) the people in your office. However, apart from chats over lunchtime and sitting in various meetings, it will not always be the case that you will spend your working days communicating with them. […]

I Can And I Will

We are awarded the long-anticipated promotion, and we subconsciously relax for a couple of years – no one moves up again so soon, so why bother trying? The first-time entrepreneur stays as a one-man-band because they don’t believe that others will share their vision or will work as hard as they do. A mum-to-be underestimates […]