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Global Payroll & Jurisdictional Compliance with Adrian Morrissey from Immedis #03

Adrian ThumbnailAdrian Morrissey is Senior Commercial Manager at Immedis a multi-award-winning global payroll services group who provide payroll and tax services to organisations and individuals in over 100 countries every day.

Adrian delights Payroll Podcast listeners with fantastic practical advice, insight and guidance on critical payroll subject matters including:

  1. Global Payroll Compliance
  2. Robotic Process Automation
  3. Getting noticed at board level
  4. Handling jurisdictional payrolls
  5. Using reporting tools and analytics to improve payroll efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness
  6. Global GDPR Considerations
  7. Multi-country payroll and tax services available that can support complex global operations
  8. And finally,  tools you can utilise right now to elevate yourself within the payroll profession

Listen in to find out more about Adrian’s hidden talents  (including International sporting success).  Discover what actions you can take now to enable you to get a seat at the strategic board table in the future.  Adrian also reveals how he views the industry changing as technology and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) continues to advance to improve payroll efficiency.

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The Payroll Podcast has a primary aim.  To cut through the confusing legislation, technology and compliance issues that can affect a payroll operation and provide practical tips and advice that you can implement immediately.  Over the coming weeks, we will journey through subjects such as GDPR, workplace wellbeing, SaaS, global payroll compliance, leadership, recruitment, best practice, workplace psychology, payroll training, process improvements and career planning and who knows what else!  I try to do it with a little bit of humour and with information that I hope can make your payroll function better!

Featuring a number industry leaders. interviews will include meetings with Global Payroll Directors, Payroll Trainers, Payroll Managers, Payroll Software Professionals.  However, we will also be speaking with Wellness-at-Work Practitioners, HR Managers, the HMRC, CEO’s, Recruiters and even Talent and Leadership Psychologists!

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