4 Ways to Take Your Influencer Marketing Campaign to the Next Level (with infographic)

Written by Andriana Moskovska from www.smallbizgenius.net

Influencer marketing has proven to be a powerful marketing tool. In fact, research shows that businesses who implemented an influencer marketing campaign in 2018 saw a 520% return on investment.


On the other end of the spectrum, nearly 50% of consumers rely on influencers’ recommendations or reviews before actually buying a product.


Data reports further indicate that 34.7% of marketers feel that this widely used marketing strategy is effective in establishing brand credibility and reaching target audiences. These figures prove the impact of influencer marketing on online users and potential customers. But why are some brands and marketers not getting remarkable results from their campaigns?


There are simple, cost-effective ways to take your existing influencer campaign to greater heights and yield better marketing results.

Here are a few to consider:

Listen to What Your Audience Has to Say

As with any marketing strategy, gathering customer data for insights should be a top priority. First, you should monitor their online activities (e.g., where they usually spend their time online, which platforms they use, what type of influencers they follow and what kind of content they consume).

As a marketer, this also serves as your guide on whether the current influencer you’re collaborating with is doing a great job in conveying your brand’s message or not. You should take into account the content type, tone, and audience, and if these factors align with your brand’s objectives.

Work with the Right Influencer for Your Brand

Ideally, the influencer you’ve chosen to do business with should be good at interacting with their followers. Monitor your influencer’s engagement activities to ensure that you’re getting an excellent reach and engagement rate. This also helps you acquire customer feedback.

Based on data reports, over 30% of marketers believe micro-influencers will play a pivotal role in the future of digital marketing. If you’re not getting the results you want with a macro-influencer, consider partnering with a nano- or micro-influencer to boost the effectiveness of your campaign.

Encourage Content Co-Creation

To build trust and establish a harmonious relationship with your influencer, don’t get in the way of their distinct styles and tone. Although as a marketer or business owner, it’s still your job to stay true to the brand message, providing insufficient creative freedom to your influencer may do more harm than good.

These influencers already have an established network of followers who trust what they have to say and share online, and can easily detect if the content sounds forced and inauthentic. Make a smooth collaboration by providing the campaign specifics such as promo codes, offers, hashtags, and campaign type, but let the influencer take the reins on which style is best suited to capture the attention of the target audience.

Measure the Success of your Influencer Campaign

Monitor reach and engagement. The metrics to track the reach of your influencer campaign include impressions, follower growth, and website traffic, among others. Tracking the engagement, on the other hand, involves monitoring the reactions, likes, comments, shares, and mentions.

Measuring the performance of your influencer campaign by tracking the metrics and calculating the return on investment will enable you to identify what’s working and what isn’t, thereby helping you make informed adjustments.


Infographic URL: https://www.smallbizgenius.net/by-the-numbers/influencer-marketing-statistics/


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